2-430x295KIAGSMEDIA is also dealing with advanced technologies. In today’s competitive world, advance technologies play a vital role in your success. We have a  commendable track record in the past and wish to earn more laurels with our Web apps development.

We create web apps using advance technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and other modern web techniques.HTML5 and CSS3 allow you to make websites that no only look superb, but also are functional across all kinds of devices raging in size from 4 inches screens to 40 inches.

Developers  create a report dashboard once and have it automatically available on any appliance with a html5 compliant browser. And with advanced caching options that upgrade appliance operation, HTML5 applications enable enhanced visualization for analytics.
Web apps can run on any platform without any breakdowns. These apps can be used by Android phones,  iPads,  the Kindle Fire, Windows Phones and iPhones users as well. It runs perfectly on these platforms.

In terms of importance to the development cycle, respondents also rated HTML5 20% higher on average than Microsoft’s Silverlight or Adobe’s Flash, both of which require tags or special plug-ins at additional cost for certain media capabilities. Notably, some major financial firms have begun to develop exclusively with HTML5 for mobile and web, giving up on creating native, platform-specific apps.

As a result, development for mobile applications is accelerating, outpacing that of apps for Web or desktops. And more CIOs are opting for HTML5 as the preferred grade for developing cross-platform web and mobile applications. Written in JavaScript and supporting increasingly sophisticated illustration capabilities, HTML5 run in Web browsers and is becoming increasingly agnostic to the nature of the appliance running the browser.