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Happy New Year 2018

New Year’s come again to give us new hope and inspiration to be better people and better human beings. Have a successful New Year!

Benefits of PHP Website Development

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is recognized as a programming language for custom website development with its fully functional scripting language used for dynamic web site development and web-based applications. Significantly it can be quickly mixed up into HTML easily Owing to the user-friendly attribute of this programming language and the wide functionalities.PHP is developed under a free license. This means you are free to use it for any purpose Whether personal use or for a corporate project you do not need to spend a penny on it. PHP works with a number of databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, IBM etc. MySQL is a free database which will reduce the cost of development. PHP Development is the best selection for any online business organization to give you best ideas and try to fulfill their requirement with better services

Below are some of the benefits of PHP Website Development:-
1 ) PHP is an open source language that can be downloaded online free of cost. At Presently there is no cost related to getting PHP license, thus it matches everyone’s budget

2.) PHP is cross-platform compatible. So it support major functioning systems such as windows, Linux or Mac to fulfill all web hosting purpose.

3. PHP is compatible with all the database server such as Informix, MySQL, Oracle and many other as well .

4. PHP derives most its format from C++ and the so the developer can easily understand and develop PHP codes.

5. Dynamic visual applications like Ajax and Flash can be easily integrated in PHP

6. HTML codes can be simply embedded within this programming language

7 PHP has access to a lot of readymade frameworks and extensions enabling the developers to produce functionalities like profile management, CMS, backend admin and so on. in fastest possible time.

8 PHP is search engine friends offers extraordinary databases administration functionality, encouraging A website owners manage a number of databases at a specific time.

9. PHP web development provides secure and stable interface. A PHP based web software could be quickly accessed and minimal or no plug-ins are necessary to operate the program.

10. Light weight design:- PHP provides lightweight design and thus help in fast page loading.

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Uses of PHP for Business Owners

Web technology is made up of mark-up languages like HTML, PHP and many other. PHP development is vastly used now a days by the majority of the web development company. PHP outsource is at boom and at par level.

PHP stands for Hypertext Processor; a server side scripting language for fabricating the dynamic pages. PHP web development is used by major companies for website designing and development as it is an open source

Let ‘s now check why business owners should decide for PHP web development services for their websites.

1.It is FREE!

This is actually the biggest advantage for any business. PHP is an open source. All you need to do is hire web developers, who possess extraordinary skill in languages like C and Java. They can create a wonderful site for your business.

2. Better Returns

Any businessman would expect high returns on investment. In a very competitive business environment, you need to capture the attentions of visitors once they visit your websites, to convert them from visitors to customers. Since PHP offers dynamic website creation, you get more visitors on your own website. This implies high returns on your own investment.

3. Huge Supply

There is a balance between demand and supply of PHP web developers. PHP web development is in great demand so supply of PHP developers. If you intend to hire web developers,who’re expert in PHP, you can easily hire them from a large community. Similarly, for PHP developers, there’s huge opportunity to get hired or work as a freelancer.

4. Quick Development

A website developed on PHP doesn’t prove a weight on the server. AS PHP uses its memory space, it reduces the loading time. It processes everything fast and therefore, web applications like e-commerce, CRM, CMS, and forums are developed on PHP.

5. Measurable Results

It is simple to measure link between your marketing campaigns with multiple extensions made available from PHP. Your PHP developer can demonstrate results, which are measurable. It is simple to calculate your ROI, gives you an advantage over your competitors.

6. Support

When you yourself have a simple familiarity with PHP, it is simple to boost your knowledge with assistance from guidelines and references available online. Have a talk with support groups, ask questions on forums and contact PHP support teams on the Internet. Moreover, you’ve full use of the web library to achieve more knowledge on.And remember, this support comes in different languages.

7. Security

The web world has one major drawback virus and malware. PHP provides you with multiple layers of security for the website so it is simple to protect your website against virus threats.

8. Tried, Tested, and Trusted

As mentioned earlier, PHP has been used since 1995 and a large number of quantity of websites have now been developed with this specific platform. And the largest testimony may originate from Mark Zuckerberg. You are able to blindly trust this platform if you’re hiring any PHP Development Company.


9. Supports All Major Web Browsers

There may be countless users browsing your website, and they could be using different web browsers. PHP supports all major web browsers like Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX.

Happy New Year 2017

Merry Christmas To all From Kiags Media

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WordPress Plugin for your Site

Plugins are software components with various functions that can be incorporated in WordPress website. They can expand functionality or include other features in your WordPress websites.They help users by simplifying the process of adding features on the site even if they don’t know a single code. A large number of the plugins can be downloaded free from different WordPress directories.Most of the plugins are free therefore it is important to keep in mind they do not include technical support.

Below is the list of some Plugins that are important for a site

1. Image Slider plugin

Image Slider plugin is the best slider plugin for your post/page/widget or sidebar area

2. Secure-WP

Secure-WP bolsters the security by removing oodles of information that could be used by hackers and removing some sensitive material from user accounts while preserving this information in the administrator’s account.

3. WP-Optimize

Wp-Optimizae increases the overall size of the database and increases access times to that database.The quicker pages can be accessed from the database, the quicker your site loads to your visitors.

4. BackWP up

WP Database Backup makes it simple to backup of your site.

5.Simple 301 Redirects

Simple 301 Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. WordPress SEO by Yoast: – WordPress SEO is a plugin that helps you setup your blog or site for the search engines. There’s not a single piece missing from this rock-solid plugin.the SEO plugin lets you customize the link structure for your site, which pages get indexed, and much more.

6. CBNET Ping Optimizer

CBNET ping optimizer plugin alert to the search engines that you have added new content to your site. It helps them find it and index it.

7. Social share plugin

Now days all websites must have a social share plugin in order to take leverage on the people’s tendency to share content they like on their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

Installing a plugin for WordPress is not difficult. Here is the list of steps that you need to take to install most plugins.

Some plugins may require additional steps.

1. Upload your plugin to the wp-content/plugins folder
2. Go to your WordPress site using a browser and log in
3. Click on the Plugins link from the main menu at top
4. Scroll down the list of available plugins to find the plugin you just uploaded
5. Click “Activate” to make your plugin active

For more information about setting up WordPress Plugin. Please visit our site


Happy Diwali

Happy Independence Day

Happy Diwali